Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aishwarya Al Alsaud

Aishwarya Al Alsaud''' pronounced (Ash'wary'ah) (born October 11, 1979 in Greenwich, Connecticut) is of Eurasian origin.

Prior to her marriage, she received her Bachelor's degree in International Business and Science at Schiller International University in Leysin, Switzerland.

A close friend to many; some of royal blood, current and exiled, and best pal of social swans too numerous (and slender) to mention, Aishwarya Al Alsaud glides effortlessly and glamorously from gala balls to private lunches. Quietly and anonymously philanthropic, she flies from palaces to palazzi, and to intime weekends with famous (and notorious) actors and dear friends.
An A-list guest (hello, Graydon Carter), she has friends at all levels of society, including couturier's, plus leading dermatologists, city honchos, fashion designers, editors, priests, politicos, and the talented and witty around the world.
Aishwarya Al Alsaud's glamour—and longtime essence of cool—precede her. She’s greeted by name by maitres d' and dazzled readers of the social pages, from Paris to Palm Beach.

A long-time supporter of various Endowments and Foundations, she is spotted far from home base—touring Angkor Wat, sipping Champagne at the maharajah’s palace in Udaipur, trekking through St. Petersburg, even slipping semi-incognito into the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Shanghai. “It’s Aishwarya Al Alsaud” (no explanation required).

At lunch with friends at Voltaire in Paris recently, the French socialite beauty Mouna Al Ayoub, make a beeline to greet the dark-haired beauty. “She knows everyone, and everyone knows her,” whispered an admirer.
But the surprise is that she often prefers to be alone, escaping to her 32,000 square feet of living space Palladian-Georgian style manor in the hills beyond Potomac, Maryland.
“I’m an enigma to many people,” said Alsaud. “I grew up in the United States and educated in Europe, so I think differently. I love to have a great social life, but I also value solitude, being with one or two super-close friends. I’m really quite shy. I love to be alone.”
Her life has been one of extremes. Even in the country she looks elegant, dressed in monogrammed petit-point Stubbs & Wootton loafers, Hermes jodhpurs, and a white Chanel t-shirt.
Later, more happily in 2010, there was the high life with sparkling diamonds when married to her husband Rashid Bin Turki Al Alsaud of Saudi Arabia. “I’ve led a privileged life,” she noted. “I’ve been incredibly fortunate.”
She has given the rooms at the Potomac estate her Gilded- European style with Frette sheets, antique Persian rugs, marble obelisks from Florence, stacks of books everywhere, contemporary paintings, silver candelabra, fresh roses from her garden. It’s privacy Alsaud's enjoys the most, beyond padlocked gates.
“I have complete silence here,” she said.
The shady terrace is decorated with Persian rugs, canvas curtains inspired by La Fiorentina, and masses of hydrangeas grown by her great friend from Connecticut.
“I found nirvana here,” said Alsaud. “Once I'm home, I never want to leave.” Alsaud also divides her time between her Paris Maisonette- the 16th Arrondissment district, waterfront summer "cottage" in Newport, RI and a penthouse in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. As of 2011, it is estimated that Aishwarya Al Alsaud have a net worth of $820 million dollars.